A shocking relationship

I also want to add a poster I made to help promote the new stories coming in October. Next month every strip will have a spooky feel to them to celebrate Halloween, and to help promote it I made poster that is a spoof of an old Horror movie called 'the Frozen Ghost'... The Silent Sillies title is 'the Funny Ghost!'
So hopefully you like the poster below, and stay tuned for some Insanely Silly Mayhem! (also it would be awesome if you want to print off the poster and post for your 'circle of influence' (School/work/etc) to help advertise!

Run away trolley!

85 years ago on September 5th Universal Pictures released the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon that was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerk, and this is my way of paying tribute to that great toon. Only this time around the trolley has my Silent Sillies stars, Sidney Squirrel and Barbara Bunny. To find out more about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's premiere short do a quick search on You Tube and check out the Wikipedia link provided here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trolley_Troubles

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist