Sidney and Sally sitting under a tree... discussing stuff. :D Stay tooned for this Sunday when a new character story starts!

Hanging Out

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Soda Jerk Sidney's Sage Advice

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Soda Jerk Sidney in color! Some of my favorite things for Sidney is Soda Jerk Sidney and Cincinnati Squirrel! :D So for Silent Sillies Speaks I thought to make him like a bartender that the cartoon characters turn to for advise.

Something horrible on TV

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This was the first idea I had for a speaking comic. Why is Wally asleep on the TV you ask? Well he's always looking for a warm spot to sleep! lol

Gold Miner Wally

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This week starts a new theme with Wally searching for gold! I thought it would be fun to have Wally as a gold miner and take some of my Minecraft experiences as inspiration for the troubles Wally will face. Stay tuned in the coming months as we peak in on Wally's new adventure periodically. Next week will feature the female friends in a silly story!
And don't forget to join us on Wednesdays for the new color comic, Silent Sillies Speaks!

Wally's welcome mat

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Hello everyone! Today is the day for the first Silent Sillies Speaks! We have a lot of new ideas and themes for the new year, that I hope everyone will enjoy! Have a great new year and stay silly everyone!

Sneezy Sneak

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Happy New Year! Sidney Squirrel is especially silly this year! lol We wish everyone the best for 2015! This year will have double the silly, because starting this coming Wednesday we will be posting 3 panel, color, talking comics staring our classic silly cast! So join us this Wednesday for even more silly!

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