Sick Squirrel

 Today's strip is hitting close to home. I can't stop sneezing! lol Also if you missed it on Thursday I posted a special strip to say thanks for everyone that enjoys my silly comic and tunes in each week for a silly gag.

Thanksgiving 2015

I came up with the idea a long time ago to always make a Thanksgiving strip to try and make something a little different, but over the years with Silent Sillies I want to make an extra strip on Thanksgiving for everyone because I am truly thankful for all the support from everyone! I am so thankful for everyone that is willing to view my silly comics and share in the love of classic cartoons! Thank you so much for all the views, shares, comments and overall enjoyment of Silent Sillies!

Feline Folly

Today's comic is a tribute to Felix the Cat. Felix first appeared in a cartoon called Feline Follies, and in a later strip this same kind of gag occurred. I felt it was perfect to use for to today's comic.

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