Funny Fantasy 2

Well finally after 105 strips I have an official dialogue card and it's to spoof the popular line of Gandalf the wizard from Lord of the Rings. I hope you all enjoyed this one, and we will eventually see why magic has no effect of Wally!

Funny Fantasy 1

Well I have avoided a long sequential story for over 100 strips, but I had to tell this tale. This silly adventure is inspired from when I read the Hobbit book, and so I felt it fitting to make this story as a way to lead up to the finale premiere of the third Hobbit film! I also took some inspiration from other fantasy/medieval adventures like D&D, LOTR, Disney's The Sword and the Stone, and the Brave Little Tailor to name a few. I hope you stay tooned these next 12 weeks for a super silly fun/funny adventure!

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