Mavericks and Mummies pt13

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Oh no! What will the gang do to get out of this!?

Organized Miner

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to Lamebrains! I can't wait to see everyone holding a copy in their hands! :D

Babara Head spin

Still delayed on new Silent Sillies Sunday's but I wanted to post something. A while back I experimented with a head turn, wanting to prepare for some animations. Lamebrains campaign is fully funded, but there are some stretch goals to achieve. There are a lot of great pledge options to choose from like $3 for a digital copy and $9 for a physical copy delivered. Check the link. Once Lamebrains is fully finished I will resume Silent Sillies, and maybe I can make even more silly silent stories. :D

And to add more fun, here is some other animations I made of the Silent Sillies crew.

Mavericks and Mummies pt 11

Lamebrains has become fully funded, so now we have some stretch goals! If we get to $2200 we will send out thank you cards designed by me to anyone over $10, and at $2400 we will make some stickers for those that pledged over $10! Also a new pledge amount of $150 will get you in the comic as a zombie! So check out the link and see what pledge amount you would like. At least $9 will get a comic sent to you! :D Check out this fun new comic!

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Barbara's Breakdown

Lamebrains kickstarter is doing great, but still needs every help it can to be made! Thanks so much for every share of the link, and pledge amount! Let's keep it going! :D

That being said, I'll try to keep updating Wednesday's, but I may need to take a break this month on Sunday's with Silent Sillies. Thanks again for all the supportive efforts with my art!

Mavericks and Mummies pt 9

Just gotta post another reminder to check out the kickstarter for the new comicbook I'm working on called Lamebrains! If you have already supported, THANK YOU! If you are about to support, THANK YOU!!!

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