Thanksgiving Surprise pt2 (Thanksgiving 2020)

Thank you so much everyone who continues to read these silly comics! This year has been one heck of a year! Silent Sillies was published in a newspaper this year, and over on Instagram there's a lot of interest in some other art I've been making this year. I've had a busy year, and I'll always be grateful for all the amazing support!

Thanksgiving Surprise pt1

An extra special 2 part Thanksgiving comic! Come on back on Thanksgiving day for part 2!

Hovercraft Repairman

Allen Alien rides again! I'm in a big Sci-Fi mood right now... so be prepared for a special 2 part Thanksgiving comics next week!

Allen Strikes Back

Allen Alien makes a new appearance in Silent Sillies! Allen first appeared in a series of strips in 2013. Click his name to see those old strips! I'm in a big sci-fi/superhero mood lately, so expect that to influence future Sillies, and stay tooned for more Allen Alien!

Thoughts 100

A thought that seems silly to many is to Love Your Enemy, to show grace, mercy and peace to everyone. Grace given freely seems so "goofy" in a world where it seems brother is against sister, and where so many seem to get on top by stepping on someone else. Grace can come to anyone, even in a goofy way like a wheelbarrow full of acorns for a starving wolf... 

Thoughts 96

Don't let anything stand in the way of your goals! (Even an endless supply of anvils falling into an endless pit!)

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