The Comic Swipe Caper

I'm in a big superhero mode right now. Check out my deviantart & instagram for all the updates.

Beauty Rest

Who else needs this much sleep? I do when I'm sick apparently...

Sam vs Mummy

I really loved the old stories I had made like Mavericks and Mummies which had Sam Spider and mummies attacking the main gang! I thought it would be fun to bring back that scenery and see a new silly story with the Mummy and Sam! Read through the 2016 story with this link!

Cloud Battle

We're heading back to the clouds this week! Fluffy poof's out some snowflakes that make great throwing stars!

Scary Dream

Happy New Year! Silent Sillies is starting the new year with a SLAM! The original format is back and I plan to feature characters from previous  story lines in all new one shot comics! So if you were a fan of "Mavericks and Mummies" & "New Nimbus" then you will enjoy some new Sillies this year!

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist