Worlds Collide

Allen finds Bigfoot, and Billy takes a joyride!

Book Buddies

The best buddies are book buddies! Finding what we have in common with our favorite stories is so much fun!

Thanksgiving Surprise pt2 (Thanksgiving 2020)

Thank you so much everyone who continues to read these silly comics! This year has been one heck of a year! Silent Sillies was published in a newspaper this year, and over on Instagram there's a lot of interest in some other art I've been making this year. I've had a busy year, and I'll always be grateful for all the amazing support!

Hovercraft Repairman

Allen Alien rides again! I'm in a big Sci-Fi mood right now... so be prepared for a special 2 part Thanksgiving comics next week!

Allen Strikes Back

Allen Alien makes a new appearance in Silent Sillies! Allen first appeared in a series of strips in 2013. Click his name to see those old strips! I'm in a big sci-fi/superhero mood lately, so expect that to influence future Sillies, and stay tooned for more Allen Alien!

Thoughts 100

A thought that seems silly to many is to Love Your Enemy, to show grace, mercy and peace to everyone. Grace given freely seems so "goofy" in a world where it seems brother is against sister, and where so many seem to get on top by stepping on someone else. Grace can come to anyone, even in a goofy way like a wheelbarrow full of acorns for a starving wolf... 

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist