Mushroom Miner

Wally is mining when he finds some mushrooms. I thought combining the minecraft mushrooms with a cartoon twist might be fun!

Nerve-Racking Radio

Ever the hero! Silver Squirrel sees a fan in turmoil and he comes to the rescue!

Mavericks and Mummies pt3

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The treasure is in Egypt! This looks like a job for ace pilot Sally Sunk! See below for easy links to the last two parts.

pt1 pt2

Mavericks and Mummies pt 2

Part 2 in this adventure has the guys suit up! Who doesn't love to get into character when going on an adventure? Interesting bit of trivia, the official name of the safari helmet Tom wears is called a 'pith,' and Cincinnati's hat is the fantastic 'fedora!' Both hats are favorites of mine since a certain globetrotting adventurer was know to wear them. (The pith is from Young Indy.) Well that's your special lesson for today kids! Stay Silly everyone and tune in this Sunday for more thrilling silent radio adventures on the Sunday comic!


Silver Squirrel

Hello folks! Today's comic is inspired by the classic pulp radio hero 'The Shadow' and the Grey Ghost from the 90's Batman the Animated Series. Batman TAS and old cartoons were a huge influence on me.

Mavericks & Mummies pt1

Today starts a 52 part adventure for a heroes! Every Wednesday will be a new chapter in another Thrilling Tail Adventure starring Cincinnati Squirrel, Tom Turtle and Sally Skunk!

Sneaky Spy

Check back here this Wednesday for the start of an all new 52 part continuing storyline. Every Wednesday will feature a new 3-4 panel chapter in a 52 part silent storyline for Cincinnati Squirrel! Expect even more of the same "silent treatment" from us folks! ;)

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