Lambrains issue 2

Hello just an update today. (the final few Maverick and Mummies strips will continue soon.) I have been working at the day job and raising a family and thinking up more Silent Sillies as well as working on another project! I'm making the art for issue 2 of the zany zombie comic book Lamebrains, and we will be starting it's kickstarter campaign shortly. Check out below for a video and some preview art. Also I'm super excited for Rogue One the Star Wars story! It was so amazing! Check out all my past Star Wars art on my deviant art page. Also below is a coloring page I made for fall and winter.


Thanksgiving 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you all so much for the favs, shares, laugh, etc! I'm sure the turkey is reason for all the black Friday sales sneaking up on us, so we forget to cook him.

Mavericks and Mummies pt 44

The reaction of people after this election has really gotten to me. I hope everyone enjoys my silly comic. Sharing silly comics feels so much better than sharing hate.

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Mavericks and Mummies pt 43

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The action is really coming alive! Now the two mummies are joining up! I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks.

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