The Nut Cracker

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My daughter's favorite thing to watch when she was younger was the Barbie nut cracker movie, and I think that kinda stuck with me when I thought this one up.

Funny Fantasy 12 - Finale

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 Ah so Wally and Desiree finally found the treasure! To bad it was protected with cartoon logic! :D This wraps up the Hobbit inspired cartoon adventure. If you're just joining and need to get caught up with this story, click this link! There is a lot more strips to view by clicking the "First" button at the top!
This story may be over, but stay tooned in for next Sunday's silly strip, and starting at the beginning of the year Silent Sillies will post an additional comic on Wednesdays! These comics will be in color and have dialog! I posted a preview picture below! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about a double dose of Silent Sillies each week! Stay Silly everyone!

Funny Fantasy 11

Next week is the last Funny Fantasy, and in a few days the Hobbit premieres! I hope everyone has enjoyed this silly story that I created inspired by the classic fantasy adventures! If you need to get caught up with this tale start with #1 by clicking the following link!

Funny Fantasy 10

Desiree pulls the old switch-a-roo! If you're just joining us, get caught up with this story with the #1 funny fantasy strip here.

Funny Fantasy 9

Things are really getting interesting now with the cartoon magic! With cyber Monday upon us cafepress may be doing some sales, so check out the shop!

If you'r just joining us get caught up with this story with #1 here


Happy Thanksgiving! We interrupt our regularly scheduled Funny Fantasy story for a very special strip. I had an idea a few years back with a previous comic strip title I was working on to always make a Thanksgiving themed strip, but that comic I no longer work on. Then in 2012 I made a Thanksgiving strip for Silent Sillies (link) and when I woke up this morning I thought I'd try to continue this theme with Silent Sillies and also I thought this would be a good chance to test a strip using my Silent Sillies Speaks idea. In addition to the silent Sunday black and white strips, I'm thinking of making 3-4 panel color strips where the characters talk. I have a few scripts, but I thought I'd try to get everyone's opinion about this idea.

Funny Fantasy 8

That's right the mastermind behind all the is actually Desiree Dog! The fiend is a Wizardly Witch! Who can save our heroes!?
If you'r just joining us get caught up with this story at #1 here.

Funny Fantasy 6

I figured what magical quality can a sword have for a cartoon, well how about one that turns all rubbery when the user gets scared!
Providing the link to start at the beginning of the adventure here.

Funny Fantasy 5

One of my favorite parts from the Hobbit is when they enter the troll cave and they get their weapons! This is my cartoony take on that moment! :D Start the story here. I hope everyone had a happy halloween

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