Sidney's Birthday

Happy Birthday Silent Sillies! The very first comic was posted on the site on 2/26/2012, so I thought I'd make that Sidney's Birthday too.

Spider Smashing

Poor Tom tries to help Barbara... but he just can't catch a break... Uh no pun intended. Check back in this Wednesday to celebrate Silent Sillies birthday!

Also this weekend was the comic convention Visioncon in Branson Missouri I had some prints in the art show, and I passed out a lot of card to people, so I want to make all my social media info available for those interested.
instagram: (I've been adding pics from the con here.)

Magical Hair

Sidney tries out a magic act for Desiree's club. I have a few new ideas to use Desiree's club for that I'll be exploring throughout the year. As for next Wednesday it will mark the birthday of Silent Sillies, and we have something something special planned. :D

Sidney defends Chester

This is the end of how Sidney meets Chester. Stay tooned in to find more adventures with these 3 kittens, but for next week it will be a silly Barbara and Tom comic. :D And this Wednesday Sidney tries out a new magic act at Desiree's club.

Valiant Valentine

Ah love is in the air... or is that just lunch? :/ Poor Tom can never catch a break with Barbara. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Kicks and Kittens

(click image to zoom in)
This is a continuation from last weeks strip found at this link. Also I wanted to make a note of the fun new wallpapers page we added in the menu above! We have been posting new wallpapers with famous "silent" quotes on the facebook page for a few weeks now, and now they are collected with other fun wallpapers in a new page on the site. Here is a sample of the latest wallpaper: 

Fishing Spot

Ah this comic is actually the first one I tested, but I didn't want to post in January due to it being cold. I know February is not much warmer, but it has been pretty warm where we're at! This fishing idea is something I had a long time ago for a different comic strip that I'm no longer working on. I figured Silent Sillies Speaks would be a perfect place to use these old ideas! So expect way more fishing jokes this year!

Chester Cat

Today introduces a new character, quite a few actually, but mostly this strip is to show Chester's mischievous side. The next few Sunday's will showcase Chester Cat.

Also checkout the new merchandise we just got! You can get your own at the store link.

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