Golden Goofball

 Wally and Dante are still fighting over that gold! Also below is a pic from LibraryCon 2016! It was so much fun meeting up with new friends and sharing some silly with so many new people!

Laugh your socks off

I had a setback this week. I came home and found my new computer would not turn on, the hard drive is not booting up at all. Hopefully I can get back on track soon. In other news this Saturday is the Springfield Library Con! I'll be there with prints and copies of my two comic books LameBrains and Silent Sillies.

Mavericks and Mummies pt33

(click image to zoom in)
Sally gets a little distracted, and Tom tries to set her back on track. Also in case you missed it Silent Sillies issue 1 is now available in the Etsy store!
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Dastardly Disguise

Wally finally made it! And we finally made a comic and a new animation! Below is a silly Happy Birthday animated gif, and check out our Etsy store to get your own copy of Silent Sillies issue 1!

Golden Glow

More Minecraft inspired stories. I hate when I'm mining, die in lava and then drop all my stuff in the lava!

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist