Milk Mishap

I was working on an idea that I thought could be a neat shirt. Cincinnati Squirrel with my favorite Indiana Jones quote.

Silent Sillies - IDK by JK-Antwon on DeviantArt

No Pants

I love a good underwear gag.  I added a ragtime radio to the site to help capture that classic cartoon feel! Let me know what what you think!

Also last week I made some more Star Wars art in the classic cartoon style.
Star Wars Rey by JK-Antwon on DeviantArt

Mavericks and Mummies pt29

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The action is really starting to pick up! Boy it sure is fun seeing this story come together!

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Helen's Revenge

Yay Sally and Desiree found something they can agree on!

Below is a comic I made for the super awesome Nate Howard creator of the comic Potbelly Mammoth. When I first started going to conventions he really helped me out! I really appreciate his help and positive attitude! Click the comic to go to his site.

Mavericks and Mummies pt 28

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Whoa! The mummy has shown itself and sprung the trap! Tune in next week to find out what happens next!

Click a link below to rewind and start or continue where you left off. :D
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Mavericks and Mummies pt 27

X marks the spot... for a booby trap!

Links to all previous posts are below. :D pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8 pt9 pt10 pt11 pt12 pt13 pt14 pt15 pt16 pt17 pt18 pt19 pt20 pt21 pt22
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Also thinking of creating a collection of the first year of comics into a comic book. Who likes that idea?

Minecart Mischief

Sam Spider is playing tricks on Wally Wolf in another minecraft inspired comic!

Also I gotta share this amazing fan-art for Wally and Desiree! It's super cool to hear feedback, and see someone get inspired by something I do. If anyone else has anything they want to say or make comment below. :D

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist