New Nimbus 09

Look at all the happy cloud citizens! Bugs, alicorns, pegasus and clouds make up the wonderful citizens of New Nimbus!

Thoughts 009

I've made nine of these things so far. lol Thanks for everyone that likes these silly thoughts. I'll leave you with a parting quote: 'When doubts filled my mind, your love gives me hope and cheer.'

New Nimbus 08

Tom is rescued by the Butterfly Fairy Princess! New Nimbus is a magical land for the gang to explore! Also more fun animations with today's post!

Thoughts 008

Barbara may be afraid of dirt, but that won't stop her! To anyone feeling afraid, be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, you are not alone!

New Nimbus 05

Clouds are bouncy.

Also my little kitty is in an emergency hospital having a catheter inserted. Be safe my friend...

New Nimbus 04

Sidney gets freaked out wanting to rescue Sally, but winds up falling off a cloud!? This adventure will be very dangerous!

Also as a bonus here is a fun animated gif of Sidney jumping! Check back Tuesday, for more thoughtful cartoons!

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