Funny Fantasy 9

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Happy Thanksgiving! We interrupt our regularly scheduled Funny Fantasy story for a very special strip. I had an idea a few years back with a previous comic strip title I was working on to always make a Thanksgiving themed strip, but that comic I no longer work on. Then in 2012 I made a Thanksgiving strip for Silent Sillies (link) and when I woke up this morning I thought I'd try to continue this theme with Silent Sillies and also I thought this would be a good chance to test a strip using my Silent Sillies Speaks idea. In addition to the silent Sunday black and white strips, I'm thinking of making 3-4 panel color strips where the characters talk. I have a few scripts, but I thought I'd try to get everyone's opinion about this idea.

Funny Fantasy 8

That's right the mastermind behind all the is actually Desiree Dog! The fiend is a Wizardly Witch! Who can save our heroes!?
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Funny Fantasy 6

I figured what magical quality can a sword have for a cartoon, well how about one that turns all rubbery when the user gets scared!
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Funny Fantasy 5

One of my favorite parts from the Hobbit is when they enter the troll cave and they get their weapons! This is my cartoony take on that moment! :D Start the story here. I hope everyone had a happy halloween

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