Thoughts 053

Sidney helps up Tom, while they both think the other is a superhero! Everyone has their strengths that make them so important and an amazing part of this world.

Time Turtle 04

The gang is not very excited about dinosaurs! Lot's of things going on, like Lamebrains issue 3 work is underway! Hopefully we will have that ready for Visioncon at the end of February!

Thoughts 052

This one has a double meaning. Sidney dreams of Space Squirrel while I dream of making a Space Squirrel story one day. Does anyone have any dreams they'd like to share in the comments?

Thoughts 051

This is not apart of the Time Turtle story. lol I just thought it would be fun to see Tom in a nice nightmare. Meeting your crush can be so scary...

Time Turtle 01

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Today starts the 52 part adventure in time! I'm excited to present this silly story that features a lot of Tom Turtle! I know Sidney is featured a lot and seems to be the face of Silent Sillies, but the shy/nervous turtle is who I most relate with, and I'm excited to showcase this year in the "Time Turtle" story. I hope you all enjoy and stay silly everyone!

Thoughts 049

The new Silent Sillies Thought is silly take on how my mind feels most of the time. Does anyone else have a mind that wanders a lot? It was fun making this one as a call back to the Mavericks and Mummies story line from 2016. You can read through those with this link or #1. I'll try and put those together in a comic book sometime this year. Check out the other comic books I've put together on Etsy or digital versions on Drivethru comics!

Happy New Year everyone!

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