The Cacti and the Cow

This was a fun test background for a western idea I'm thinking of trying.

Pesky Puddle

Detective Sidney is afraid Desiree will splash his as she drives by the puddle, but she winds up driving inside a huge pot hole!


Flynn Fox's first starring role! Yes this is the cartoon Fox News personal! I swear when I thought of using a fox for this strip I never made the connection to the network until just recently.

Pirate Pilots of the Cartoon Sky

I'm a big fan of Disney's Talespin, so I thought to give the pilot girls some pirate pilots to deal with. And the day after talk like a pirate day! Arg! Don't forget to check out Top Webcomics and vote daily to help spread the silly!

Milkshake Mishap

I thought of a new way to get across what is going on. I hope everyone does not consider it cheating. Also yesterday I helped support the local chalk walk, and posted a gallery on the facebook page, to stay up to date with Silent Sillies like us and turn on notifications. :D

Rock Skipping Reversal

Wally gets out the cave!... Maybe he should go back... Today is the day for RubleCon! It's only $5 to get in, and kids are free!

Barbara's Poem Problem

(click image to zoom in)
That bunny loves to clean :D Just in case you missed it there is lots of fun news to report, with links!! interviewed me for Silent Sillies! :D This Sunday is RubbleCon in Springfield Mo and we will be there! Also Tapastic is supporting the comic with ad revenue now, so download the app and follow us there for easy mobile viewing: Finally I just want to add that a vote for us everyday at topwebcomics helps to spread the silly:

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