Mavericks and Mummies pt25

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This strip is greatly inspire by the movie Goonies! I always loved the big reveal at the end, and the pirate water slide that led up to it! I thought that would be fun to try and do here.

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Friendly Rescue

Winsor is a nice friend trying to keep Wally out of trouble. I was hoping to stay silly and show some character development with this one. :D

The 2nd annual Branson Art Walk was yesterday! There is some pics on Instagram.

Mavericks and Mummies pt24

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That sneaky spider lured the gang into a trap! What troubles befalls the heroes next week? Stay Silly everyone, and in case you missed the news I'll be out on the streets selling my art this Friday, along with a lot of talented artists in Branson Mo at the 2nd annual Art Walk.

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Sanitary Slumber

Next Saturday June 18th you can find me at the 2nd annual Branson Art Walk from 5-9pm. Visit me and a bunch of other talented artist on the streets of downtown Branson Missouri! Also if your not following the Silent Sillies facebook page your missing out on the Friday previews!

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