Thoughts 005

This idea looks a little like cosplay. At first I wasn't sure about posting it, but after just going to a comic convention I really like this one. lol

New Nimbus 01

A new adventure for the Silent Sillies trio begins today! If you are just joining us then welcome to the silly! This is a start to a new fantasy adventure that is a stand alone adventure, but can follow Mavericks and Mummies.

This weekend is visioncon and my buddy Nate Howard and I was asked to put on a webcomic panel where we explained our similar approaches to making webcomics! You can see more of the fun from the weekend on my instagram page!

Thoughts 004

I'm thinking of posting these thoughts on #ThoughtfulTuesday, but then again I see them as #MotivationalMonday bonus too. I'd love to know what everyone thinks?

Don't Forget Visioncon is this week in Branson, Mo, and I have a table and webcomic panel with my buddy Nate from!

Mavericks and Mummies pt56

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This is the end of this awesome adventure! Where will the silly sky be taking our terrific trio next? Keep your heads in the clouds to find out.

Catch up with links to all the past strip below:
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Also Visioncon is February 24th-26th come on out to Geek out, and see all the great talent! Check out some previews of sketch cards I'm making for the event on instagram and DeviantArt.

Thoughts 003

An extra special thoughtful Silent Sillies today for Valentines Day. Show that special someone how much you care about them everyday!

Mavericks and Mummies pt55

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One more strip and the Mavericks story will be ended, and we have some big plans for the next story line! Below is a preview for some of the characters that will appear in 'New Nimbus.' It's inspired by the fantastic adventure of Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz. Also on Feb 24th-26th I'll be at Visioncon selling prints & comic, as well as making custom sketch cards! Saturday at 4:30pm my buddy Nate Howard (creator of Pot Belly Mammoth) and I will be hosting a webcomics panel! Get the pre-sale discount before it's over!

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