Acorn Appetite

Thank you! Silent Sillies made it to round to round and all indications are that it will move on to round 3! All your support voting is much appreciated!

Run away Sled!

I'm geeking out a little bit in this one with references to the movie Citizen Kane, and the Hero of Canton. Sidney is wearing Jayne's hat from Firefly and his sled reads "Rosebud."

Flooded Fantasy

This week starts a 10 week long contest that I entered Silent Sillies in. The contest is hosted by a bunch of professional cartoonists and to vote they require you to create an account. The site allows voting every 6 hours for 6 days. (Sunday is for tallying the votes.) So tonight is the start @ midnight (eastern time zone) for Monday morning. My profile page should have a link to vote for me with:

The Swiss Woodpecker

Wally's fishing adventures is over, but the winter hibernation themed strips are still going! I really like this one since it is the first time Winsor Woodpecker gets on a title card! Winsor is named after the legendary cartoonist/animator Winsor McCay.

Space Squirrel Serial YouTube Playlist