Sickly Swindle

This is part 1 in a 3 part story line, then I think we will shift around the schedule some.

Winsor Rescue

Wally to the rescue!

Also yesterday a bunch of artists in the Springfield, Mo area got together for Chalk Walk 2016 on C street to make some street art to raise awareness for domestic violence and street harassment. Below is what my family and I contributed.

Winsor's Worry

Oh no Sam Spider has captured Winsor! Also you have to check out this amazing statue of Sidney from Just Add Effort! Click the link and like his page and let him know how much you like his work!

Alarm Clocked

Hey there gang! I really like this week's comic for multiple reasons. Mostly the fun new background, but also because I've had this idea for awhile.  Also I was asked 20 questions about Silent Sillies by the Root Beer Party!

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