Crazy Cat

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Today's comic is a tribute to Krazy Kat. Krazy Kat was a newspaper comic that ran from 1911 to 1944. One of the comic's signature gag was a rat that would throw a brick at the back of Krazy's head. You can learn more about Krazy Kat through the Wikipedia and some archived comics at ComicStripLibrary.

This is also the last Silent Sillies Speaks for a while. These were a fun experiment, but I want to take some time to focus on creating more adventure pulp cartoon storylines for 2016. Stay tuned next Sunday for another fun Silent Sillies comic!

Out of Gas

Today's comic has lots of fun behind it. I was inspired by this comic while my kids played Disney Infinity with the Cars characters. They were pretending to run out of gas, and I thought that would be a fun idea for a cranky car comic. To due this idea I made a new character called Miguel Mule, who I think will be used more in some western stories I'm formulating. Also today is the anniversary for my favorite episode of Firefly titled "Out of Gas" I had to give tribute to that with this comic! Stay tuned this Wednesday for the last Silent Sillies Speaks of 2015. Starting in 2016 I hope to start posting more weekday comics with a pulp, adventure, cartoon story line! Do not worry though the main Sunday strip will still be posted every Sunday! Stay Silly everyone!

Fishy Woman

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I'm working on some big changes for the weekday format, but it might mean a break from Silent Sillies Speaks for a bit.

Sick Skunk

I haven't really made a strip showing Sidney and Sally together in a while, so here it is.. with a silly/gross twist.

Fishing Wally

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This is another minecraft inspire comic. One of my favorites parts in minecraft is fishing and finding "treasure items." Wally is not that lucky to find treasure though. lol

Storage Shell

This was a fun comic for two reasons first because this was inspired some old Ninja Turtles toys I had where you could store items in the turtles shell and open them like a closet almost. The second inspiration is the pose in panel 2 Chester is doing is Felix's classic upset/thinking pose. :D Felix the cat has become a big influence on Silent Sillies and his origins started in November of 1919 so expect another Felix inspired Chester the cat comic next month! :D

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