Pilot Practice

Wow! 100 Silent Sillies Sunday strips have been made! I've had the idea of making Sally a pilot for a while, and I'm very happy to showcase her for the 100th strip! I wanted to make some empowering women-themed ideas for the comic, and I think one of the most empowering women stories from the 1930's is Amelia Earhart! So for the next few weeks Sally will be flying around causing all kinds of silly stories. If you haven't heard most recently, Amelia Rose Earhart (no relation to the famous female flyer of the 1930's) recently flew the same path and has become the youngest woman to accomplish the flight around the world in a single engine plane!
Here's an article about her: http://www.wndu.com/home/headlines/Amelia-Rose-Earhart-a-role-model-for-young-women-271068171.html

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

This marks the 99th regular Sunday Comic, and the final minecraft inspired comic! This is loosely inspired by minecraft, some might be wondering how? Well the minecraft server I play on had a plug-in for a while where if you punched a sheep and Wolf would replace it. lol So that gave me the idea to make my wolf a sheep, the rest of my idea came from my love of underwear gags! Psst... by the way check out the tags on this comic, and see all the underwear strips, or minecraft, or ones with Wally... or Sidney... or... I think you get the drift. You can see all the tags I've added to strips at the bottom of the page.

So back to this being the 99th strip, next week will start a new story theme staring Sally! Woohoo!!!!

Shearing Sheep

Another minecraft inspired comic! I think it's so funny how in minecraft the sheep instantly grow their wool back once they eat some grass. It's very much like a cartoon in a lot of ways and adapts itself perfectly for a retro cartoon like Silent Sillies. I really liked working on the sheep design, and came up with another strip involving them for next week! I hope you all enjoy, and stay silly everyone!

Spider Dungeon Treasure Chest?

I got the idea for this after I posted last weeks strip. I really like the spider web hammock, so I posted it to the facebook page as a preview. If you're signed up to facebook, you can like our page and get occasional previews and related old school cartoon postings from us!

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