Unstable Steed

I had so much fun with the Funny Fantasy strips from last year that I decided to start making some more strips for them! This will be a recurring theme I'll come back to every now and then.

If you're new and haven't read the old Funny Fantasies 12 part strips click the link: http://www.silentsillies.com/2014/10/funny-fantasy-1.html

Sally's Poetic Plight

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It's poetry time with Sally Skunk!
This is the beginning of a new theme for the girls of Silent Sillies... I thought it would be fun to have the girls reciting silly poems every once in a while! :D

Black Hole Boulder

If Indiana Jones was a cartoon Squirrel he would totally turn his tail into a cartoon hole to get rid of the giant bolder! Next week will be a new Funny Fantasy Adventure!

On a side note has everyone seen the poll on the right for your favorite character?

The Anvil Vs the Ink Pen

Sidney must retrieve the sacred cartoon ink pen! But will an anvil measure up to the task? lol

Check out the new wallpapers on the wallpaper page!

Tooney Traps

More Cincinnati Squirrel fun this week! The next three Sunday's will take from the opening sequence in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Indiana Jones film franchise is one of my favorite series! A lot of Silent Sillies is inspired by the Indiana Jones movies and TV show.

10 Ton Treasure

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I saw an old Looney Tunes comic that did a gag with a play on words similar to this, so I had to make my attempt. I still think the Looney Tunes one is better, but this was fun to make a Cincinnati Squirrel gag for the speaking comics! More Cincinnati to come this Sunday too! The next three Sunday's will feature a cartoon spoof on the opening sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Also I gotta add the links to tapastic again for anyone new. :D
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And check out my third comic on there too!
The Holidays: http://tapastic.com/series/The-Holidays

I had different wording for panel 2 at first:

The Grave Gravel

Another minecraft inspired idea. I hate mining and running into gravel, but it sure is funny to watch someone get covered by gravel! lol Next up will be some Cincinnati Squirrel adventures!

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