There's Always a Bigger Bully

Today's comic title is totally inspired by the line "There's always a bigger fish" said by Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars The Phantom Menace. If you don't like that movie there is no need to try and convince me its a terrible movie, I use to hate Jar Jar, but I look back on 1999 with great fondness as a time where I hung out with friends every Friday doing something Star Wars related, and where Star Wars ruled the airwaves, and fans were united and excited about a new Star Wars movie. We are in that time again, where I get to share the fandom with my kids, and they are just as excited as me with new Star Wars movies. (OK I still might be more excited.) So with May the 4th approaching I want to tell everyone who reads this May the Fourth be with YOU! and have fun enjoying Star Wars!

PS: I think this is my longest comment I've posted with a comic. I't's cause I get to talk about Star Wars!

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