Space Squirrel 01

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Here is our first comic of 2019!! Happy New Year everyone! Our Space Squirrel Serial adventure starts now! I hope this one was silly enough for everyone. This adventure is going to big on adventure and big on the sillies, so stay tooned!


  1. If you really want to grab the feel of Fleischer period animation you should think of space travel in terms of Jules Verne rather than Star Trek. Even in the Buck Rogers strips (which weren't what we would call "steampunk" today) you would see a lot more levers and wheels, but never any keyboards. The first "Wallace and Grommit" short is a pretty good example of getting the retro look right. Visible bolts and welding spots, gears and straps, etc.

    1. That's some great input! I'll consider that more with future designs. :)


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