Mavericks and Mummies pt49

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     Happy New Year! I know I wanted to finish this story before the new year, but with only 4 more strips and a few issues of Lamebrains under my belt I think we did pretty good. The Lamebrains Kickstarter is up and running and any support you can give is greatly appreciated! It's with your fan support that we will get this comic funded, and you can get a piece of my art!

Last week I started creating past comics into a "motion comic" and posting them to youtube as a twist on the social gimmick "throwback Thursday."

     Also the Silent Sillies facebook page has now has 400 likes, so I made a quick image to celebrate! Thank you all so much for taking your precious time to check out what I do each week. Since I was really little I loved to make people laugh, and I loved cartoons and comics, so I truly love making a cartoon comic that hopefully makes people laugh. Let's make 2017 a great year!

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