Mavericks and Mummies pt50

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I decided to make a few extra Mavericks and Mummies strips. So instead of 52 parts it may be more like 54.

pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8 pt9 pt10 pt11 pt12 pt13 pt14 pt15 pt16 pt17 pt18 pt19 pt20 pt21 pt22 pt23 pt24 pt25 pt26 pt27 pt28 pt29 pt30 pt31 pt32 pt33 pt34 pt35 pt36 pt37 pt38 pt39 pt40 pt41 pt42 pt43 pt44 pt45 pt46 pt47 pt48 pt49

I also have a few videos I wanted to share. The first video is a fun commercial made by the team to promote Lamebrains #2 on kickstarter, check out the kickstarter and pledge to preorder issue 2! When we get fully funded we will be able to print and start working on issue 3.

The other video I posted on the Silent Sillies facebook page for this past flashback Friday.

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